Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

and Place which they live in. When had we ever greater Temptations toLove-kill- ing principles and practices than now , ex- cept in the times of the miferable wars ? I need not name them to you. The harder it is for men to Love them that hate them, that cenfure them unjuftly that revile them, and reproach them, and make them odious, or that hurt them, the more caufe have Minifters and all Chriftians to fet a double watch upon their Love ; Left before they are aware , a flaming and confuming zeal, do tell others that they know not what manner of Spirit they are of, Luk. 9. 55.. 9. Yea it is not only a time of great Temptation to this fin,but of commonguilt : They are multitudes that are overtaken al- ready with this fin. Is not the Land in a continual heart war ? Are there not parties againft parties, and caufe againft caufe, and heart-rifings , and pallions, and cenfurings of Difíenters, to fay no work And is it not time to bring water when we fee the flames ? io. And I perceive fern knew fo heinous a fin tobe any fin at all ; But all _factions and parties are ftill juflifying their Love - killing wayes, and reproaching thofe whom they bave wronged ; As ifwhen they have fin- fully withdrawn their Love from them , it were