Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

were no crime to take away next, their goodnames , and all that they have but power to take away. Andwhen they have cafe their brethren out of their eJhnsation and affe¿T on, they think it a piece of coin vendable zeal or juftice, to calf them ous ofChrif}ian communion, and ifthey could out of the Land and of the world. And ;hall Minifters ftand by , and fee men take luch fin for duty., and fcrve gadby abufing his Servazstc, and look for a reward for di. viding and pulling doWn his Church , and sever tell them what they are doing. i 1. And the old Nonoconformifts who wrote fo much againft feparation, were neither budnor temporizers. They faw the danger on that fide. Even Brightman on ,R.ev. that writeth againft the Prelacy and Ceremonies, feverely reprehendeth the fe- paratifts.Read but the writings of Mr. John Paget, Mr. fohn Ball , Mr. Hilder(bam , Mr.13n:ultimo , Mr. B'ai se, Mr. j athband , and many fach others againft the feparatifts of thole times, and youmay learn that our Light is notgreater, but lefs than theirs, and that we ire t;ot further into that caufe than they did ; and that change of times' doth not change the truth ; nor will warrant us ochange our Religion,unlefs we will make our It elision fubjeCt to the wills and inte- refis