Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

refis ofmen , and change it as oft as the times fhall change. 12. Laftly, if ypurfriends tell you not of your faultsand errors in Love, thole whom you account your enemies will do it in wrath. And though all lober Chriftians thould learn by the keeneft rebukes of their Adverfaries, yet paffion and prejudice ma. keth it fo difficult, that it ufually hardeneth men more in their fin: And this is another thing, whichcaufeth me the more to abhor divifion, and to long for the reconciling of the minds of all diffenting Chriftians; Be- caufe while they take each other for adver- fades, nothing that is written or laidby any is like todo the Adverfaries any good. Nay I muff confefs when,I fee an adverfary tell men of their fin, efpecially with furious fpleenand wrath, mixing together words and fwords, I amgreatly afraid, left by that temptation, Satan will draw the reproved to impenitency, and greatly harden them in their fin, and make themglory in that as a virtue, which filch a perfon loth fo re.: prove. But if you will neither hear of your fin nor duty by adverfaries nor friends, by fair fpeeches nor by foul, you faften the guilt upon your felves. Remember I pray you, that I am not kindlinc, fires, nor drawing Swords