Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

I! Swords againft you,nor furringupany to do youhurt, but only perfwading all diffen- ters to love oneanother, and to forbear but all that is contrary to love. And if fuch an exhortation and advice kern injurious or in- tollerable toyou, the Lord havemercy on your Souls. I I I. And nowwithout a fpirit of Pro- phecy I will foretel what entertainment this Paper muft expe&. I. Some on the one fide will fay; It is arper and rounder dealing than all this, that muft cure the Schifines in the Church: And if you would heal our Divifions, why doyou not conform your felt, but fand out as one of the party that diyideth ? 2. Some on the other fide will fay, that it is an unfeafonable time, when fo much anger is breaking forth againft thofe that we account Dividers, to mention their faults, and fo to fir up more. I will give thofe men noother anfwer, than tobid them read the laft part of this Book; or elfe do not talk till they knowof what. 3. And force will fay that I am doing that which will prove ahurt to my elf and others. For,if I fhould,draw thePeople to Communionwith the Conformifts, there would little companion be (hewed to the Minifters that cannot conform. But fel- fifh