Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

fi(h wifdome muff be Phut out of the Coun- cil, when we are confulting about the heal- ing of the Churches, and the good ofSouls. And indeed there is little danger of this confequence, as long as the people are far more averle to Communion or Concord with the Parifh-Churches, than the Non- conforming Minifters are. But fuppofe it prove true,fhouldwe not do good to Souls, and fave men from fin, and heal divifons, at the deareft rate ti What though it colt us more than is here mentioned ; The reviving of decayed Love, and theclofureof any of the Churches wounds, is a recompence worth our liberties and lives. 4. And thofe that atemolt guilty of the Love-killing principles here detected, and are moli eminent in felf-conceited ignorance, will do by me and by this book, according to their Principles, and as they ufe todoby others, Before they have foberly read it over, they will carryabout theSeófarian re- ports of it from hand to hand; And when one hath laid it, the reft will affirm it, that [1 have clawedwithone party,and have gir- ded at theother, and have fought to make them odiousby bringing them under the re- proach ofSeparation, and ofcenfuring and avoiding theungodly; and that being luke- warmmy Pelf, and complyer with fin, I would