Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

wouldhave all others dolt) too : And that thefe Reconcilers are neither flelh nor fith; and attempt impoffibilities, even to recon- cile Light and darknefs, Chrift and Belial And that for the fake of Peace we would fell the Truth, and would let in Church- corruptions out of an overeager defire of Agreement : And when they have all done, neither party will regard them, but they !hall fare worfe than any others; and will lofe both fides,whileft they are for neither.] I know it is the natureof the difeafe which I am curing, tofend forth fuch breath and fcentsas thefe ; And I intend not tobellow a word to anfwer them. 5. And fome of the wife and foher Mi- nifters, who markmore the inconveniences of one fide,thanof the other,and lookmore to outward occurrences, than to the ?Rule, and to the inward !fate of Souls ; efpecially fuch as have not feen, the times and things that I have Peen, will think that though all this be true, it is unfeafonable, and may give advantage 'to fuch as love not Reformation. And to them I !hall return this anfwer. I. That if we !fay feven years acre for a feafonable time, tooppofe the radical finof uncharitablenefs, we may be in our grave?, and the !inners in their graves, and the fin may be multiplied and rootedpaft all hope of