Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

ofremedy. And why may you not as well flay fevers years more, for a feafonabie time, to Preach down all other finsas well as thisc Is this the leaft malignant, or leaft dange rous fin ? 2.. Therewas nevera more fea- fonable time to tell menof their fin, that when the tempt Lion to it is the greateft when it is rngft growing and multiplying among us , Wheit Goehath been fo hei- noufly difhonoured by it; when theworld loth ring of it 5 when many Volumes re. proach them for it ; And when the fenfual and ungodly are hardened by- it in their fcornof godlinefs, to the apparent peril of their damnation : yea more , to tarn our complaints fron Law-givers upon our felves. It is want ofLove, and it is Dividing principles and prances, that have filenced fo many Minifters, and brought us into all theconfufions and calamities which we fee and undergo. 6. But there are many fincere and confìà derateMinifters, who knowing this which I fay tobe true, will be the more excited by, it to lead the youngerand paflionate fort of Religious people, into the wayes cf Love and peace, and to fave them from the dan- gers here detected, and perfwade them to the praâife of thefe Directions. And for the ufe of thefe I write this Books And