Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

And yet, to end asI began, I mufi add the ee notices, for your right underftanding of it. Y, That this is not my firft attempt up on thiswork ; but the progrefs of what I have been upon theee three and twenty years. About fifteen or fixteen years ago, I preacht on the third Chapter of Saint f ames,in a larger and a elder manner on this Subject, than here I write: becaufe the times thencalled me to it. 2. I perfwade no Chriflian to juftifie or own the fins or the leaft defects of any Church, Minifter or People, in their Wor (hip or in their lives,though I perfwadeyou toCommunion with the Churches, perlons and worthip.acions , which have many faults (For on Earth there is no perfon, Church, or Worfhip faultlefs, and without corruption.) I juftifie not the faults of my own daily Prayers, and yet I never pray without them. 3. I am not perfwading Minifters to any unwire and unfeafonable Preaching, againft the dividing Principles of the weak, when the neceflitiesof the Auditory more require other Doctrine ; (Much lefs to exafpera- ting railings and inveetives ; And leaft ofall towrathful violence). But onlywith pru- dence, in feafon and with Love and gentle nefs,