Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

nefs , to-lead men into the truth . If even with Infidels and Hereticks , the Servant of the Lordmull not /lrive, but begentle to all men ;apt to teach; paticnt,in meeknef inß u cling thofc that oppofe therefeltes, ifGod, per- adventure will give them repentance-to the acknowledgingof the truth, 2 Tim. 2, 24, 2;. How much more muff the Children of Gods family be ufed with Loveand tender- nefs. But if the fiercenefs ofany contradict what I fay, I only add, that it is not an un- experienced perfon that fpeaketh it , but one who through the mercy of God, hath long kept a numerous flock in Love and unityand peace by fuch like means; and hath teen the lamentable effec`Is of the,cona teary way. 4. While I fay fo much in this Treatife againft the ralb centring ofothers, I give you not the rule for mens cenCuring of them f -Ives : They know more by them., (elves : They may fearch into the depth of their hearts and intentions , which we can- not do. They are allowed to be more fufpicious & cenforious of then ìfeives, than ofany others : It more concerneth them : And they have more to do with theme (elves; and may be bolder with themfelve*. We judg others inorder to vitible Church- Communion by vifible and publick evi- C deuce.