Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

of man to God, was the work of our Redeemer : And that Holinefs and Peacemull go together : "4nd that or open Church-order and difcipline, mi(l be fubfir- vientto the inward fedrituality and,profperity of the Church-regenerate; wind no fetch favour mull be Jhhezeed:tofanners a1 favourethfin, and hindereth Ho- 1 inefs. I4. Though your Governours are the Nudges , whit perfonsfhall be of your publick-Church- Communion ; yet it is you that mull judge who arefit or unfit foryour private familiarity. Vnderfland how much it path pleafed God to lay all mens happinefr or mifery upon their own choice 4nd f ek not to alter this order of God. 16. Though theprofeffonof Chriflianity which en- titleth men to Church-Communion, mufl..lie credible ; yet remember that there are varioi degrees of Credi- bility : And that every Profejon which is not proved falfe, it credible infetch a degree as mNfl be accepted by the Church. 17. Know how far it is that either Grace or Gift; are neceffaryto a 1!/finrf er, that you maygive to both .their due. a $. Vaderfland well the neee ity of your Commu anion with all the Zlniverfal Church, and wherein it confffeth; and how far it is to be preferred before your Communion with anyparticular Church. J9. Engage not your¡elves too far in any divided Sea, and efpotefe not the interefl of any party of (hri.- ¡liant, to the neglea or injury ofthe univerfal Church, and the Chriflian Caufe. ;ea. Be very fa fpicious ofyour Religious paffions, and carefully diflingu fhbetween a found andfnful zeal ; lea;you father your fan on the Spirit of God , and !Ç 4 think