Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

think 3014 pleafe him more when you molt offend him. 21. Lendnot apatient ear to backbiters ; nor ha- filly believe the molt religiouspeople, when they fpeak ill of others. 22. Make notyour elves judges of other mens 4.. Wons ; much lefs of theirflare, before you have a Call; or before you havefkfficient knowledge of the perfon and cf theCate. 23. iliftake not the nature ofthe fin of Scandal, as ifit were the bare chfpleafing of another :when it is the laying of ftumbling-blockor occafion offinning before another. 24. Make Conircience ofS'eandiliting one party as well as another : and thofe moll, who are molt in danger by your et;nce. al. Be not over tender of your reputation with any firt ofmen on earth : nor too impatient of their difplea- litre cenfures or contempt. But live above them. 26. life not your felves (needlefly) to the familiar company of thatfirt of Chrigians, who ufe to cenfure them that 4re morefiber,Catholickand charitab. e than themfelves you be as much or more, with the fobererfort, who willlimo you the fin and mifchief of Love.killingprinciples and divifions. 27. Take heed of mil-judging ofthe anftters of your prayers, and of taking' thofe things to be from God, which are but the ejfeds of your prejudice pailion or we2knefs ofunderflanding. 28. !Do not too much reverence the revelations, im-. pulfes confident opinions of any others upon the Account of theirfincerity or holinefc ; but try all judi- ciou y and foberly by the word of God. 2P. Takf