Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Take heed leafl the trouble of your own difquiet- ed doubting minds, do become a fnare , to draw you to force uncouth way of Cure ; andfo make the fancy of force new opinion , fed or pra lice , tofeem your reme- dy, and giveyou eafe ; andfoperfwadeyou that it is the certain truth. 30 Keep in the rankofa humble difciple or Learner in Chrifis Church, till you erefit and called to be Tea- chers yourfelves, 31. Grow up in the QreatTub practical truths and duties; andgrew downwards in the roots of aclearer belief of the Word of God, and the life to come : And neither begin tooloonwith doubtful opinions , nor ever lay too much upon them. 3 2. Lay not a greaterflrefs uponyour different words and manner of prayer , than God hath laid : And take heed of (corning , reproaching or jli.;hting, the words and Manner of other mens worfhip , when it it fuch as God accepteth from thefincere. Where the Cafe e about forms ofprayer is handled. 3 3. whenyou are [we that other mens way of :tor- fhip i f nful ; yet make it not any other, or greaterfin, than indeed it is 5 andfpeak not evil o ffomuch in it as is good : Andflander not God as a hater or reje .er of all mens Services which are mixt with infirmities ; or as apartial hater of the infirmities of others , aid not yours. 3 4. Think.nct that all is unlawfully obeyed which r unlawfully commanded. 35. Think not that you areguilty of all the faults of other mens worfhip with whomyou joyn ; no not of the Miniflers or Congregations :, Nor that youare bound to feperate from all the worfhip which ù faultily perform- ed ; For then there mull. be no Church- Communion upon