Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

upon Earth. where wmore about extemporary prayer and impofed forms. 36. ret know ghat Paflors andChurch-Communion youtoy joyn with, andshatnot : And think not that am perfwadingyou tomake no difference. 37. Inyour judgingof Difcipline, refornsation,and any means o,4tke Churches good be fare your eye be dpon the true End; andupon the particular Rule; and sot on either of them alone. Take not that for a means yhich is either contrary to the word of Cod ; or is in itsnature defiruClive of the end. 38. Neglet1 not any truth of God ; much leis re- pounce it, or deny it. But yet do not take it for your duty to publifhall, whichyou judge to be truth ; nor á fin to (Uwe many leffer truths , when the Churches peace and welfaredothreguire it. 39. Know which are the Great duties o fa Chrifliar life, and wherein the Harare of true Religion loth con- And then retend not any lef jer duty , againi thefegreater ; hough the leafy when it is indeed a duty, ù not to be denyedor neglected. 40.. labour for a found juigement to know good from evil, leafs you troubleyour felves and others by miftakes ; Forfake not the guidance of a judicious Teacher, nor the Companyof the agreeing generalityof the Godly. 41. Let not the barefervour of a Preacher , or the lot«dn f of .ham voice , or ofeElonate utterance, drag you toofar to admire or follow him, without a proportion of folid underftanding and judicioufnefi. 4L Tour beliefof the neceffary Articles of faith, muft be made your own, and not taken .meerly on the Authority ofany. And in all points of belief or pra_ slice, which are neceffary to 4alvation, you me eve?- ---- = keep