Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

keep company with the liniverfal Church : For it were not the Church , ifit erred in thole. And in matters ofPeace and Concord the major vote mtsft be your guide. In matters of humane obedience your Governours inft beyour guides. And inmatters of high anddiffi- cult fpecu lation, thejudgment oföne man of extra- ordivaryunderftanding, is to be preferred before the Rulers, and the major Vote. - 43. RejeEl not agood caufe, becasrfe it is owned by fume bad men : Andown not a bad caufe for thegood-1 nef o f the Patrons ofit. fudge not of the Caufe by the perfoná,whenyoufhould jagof theperrons by the Caufe.- 44. rea,} take the bad examples of religious men, to be one of your woft perillous temptations. and there- fore labour to difeover what are the fpecial fins of pro., feffours in the ageyou live in, that you may befpecially fortified againft these, 45. Defsre the highefl degree of holinefs,and to be free from the Corruptions ofthe times:Bar mitt not to be ódd andfingular from ordinary Chrifiians in lawful things. 46. when you have to do only with fligrnatited fcandalour ones , to vindicate the honour of Chriflia pity from their.Scandal, go as far from them as law- fully youcan : But with the Common fort of Sinners, whofe Converfionyou are bound to Peek, go not as far from them its you can but purpofely fiudy to come at near them as lawfully you may, that you may have the better advantage to win them to the truth. 47. wheneveryou are avoiding any error forget not that there is a contrary extream to be avoided , of rehich you are not 'out of danger. 48.Thinkrnore, andtalk more, of your faults and failings againft others ; efpecially a ainff Princes , (5144giftrates and Pafbors, than of their.faults and failings againft you. 49. Take