Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

49. Take notice of all the good in others which ap- peareth; and talkrather of that behind their backs, than oftheir faults. 50, Study the duty of inftrutling and exhorting, more than ofreproof andfinding fault. 51. The more you fee.r by Rulers or any men , the more be watchful, left you be tempted to difhonour them er to withdraw or abate the Love which is their drat. 523 Make Conscience ofheart-revenge, and tongs revenge, as well as of hand-revenge. 53. When you are exafperated by the hurt which yots feel from IWagifrater, remember alfo the Good which the Church receiveth by them. 54. Learn to flier by good people , and by 4fill- fters ;and not only by ungodly people, or by Magiftrates. SS. When you complain of violence and perfecu- tion in others ; take heed left the fame inward vice Mork in you, by Church cruelties , and damning cenfures, againf them or others. Perfecution andfe- paration often have thefame Caufe, 56. Keepfill inyour eye, the State of all Chrifs Churches uponearth ; thatyou may know what a people they are through the world, whomChrift hash Commu- nion with ; and maynot ignorantlyfeparate from almoft all the Church of Chrif, while you thinkthat youfepa.. rate but from thofe aboutyou. .Q ~eresabout feparatiog. 57. ret let not anyhere cheat you by the bare name; and titles of unity, to the papal ufurping head of the Church nor mull you dream of any Head and Center ofUnity to the univerfal Church, but Christ himfelf. 58. Take heed offuperftition , indifcreet teal hath been the ufual beginner of fuperftitian : Malignity in :hat age the fharpefb oppofer, for the Authorsfake 'Formality in thesre,vr age bath rude a. Religion . of it And