Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

-_{ ,ßnd then the zealous , who firfi invented it , have turned molt agaìnfl it , for thefake of the l,a owners ; And thus the world loth turned round. Inftances lay'd down of thefuperltition of Religious people in thisage. 59. if through the fault of either fide , or both, you cannot meet together in the fame affemblies ; yet keep that Unity in faith, love and praElice , which ail neighbour Churches fhould .maintain x e4nd ufe not your different afemblies to reviling, and def>lroying Love and Peace. 60. when the Love- killing fpirit, either cruel or dividing, is abroad among Cbriltiant ; be not idle, nor d ifcouraged Spec lators ; nor betray the Churches peace bylazy wifhes, But make it agreat part ofyour labour and Religion, to revive Loveand 'Peace , and to de- llroy their contraries. And let no cenfures or contempt (ifany party take you off : But account it as comfortable to be a Martyr for Love & Peace by blind zealots or proud I2urpers, as for the faith by Infidels or Heathens : And take the ?leafing of God (whoever difpleafed) for yourfull reward. The Additional Direaions to the Pallors: . Let it be our firfl care to know and do our own duty.: And when wefee thepeoples weaknefs and divi- fions, let usfirfi examine andjudge our felves, and la- ment and reform our own neglefls. Minifiers are the C.aufe"of moft divifions. 2. It is needful to the peoples Edification andCon= cord, that their Pallors much excel them, in knowledge and utterance , and alfo in ,prudence , holinefs , and heavenly mindednefs : that the reverence of theircall- ings and perfons may be preferved ; and the people taught by their Examples. 2. In-