Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

w 1. inculcateflill the neceffäry conjunEion of Holm nefs and Peace and of the Love of God and plan And that Love is their Holinefs itfelf, and the film of their Religion, the End offaith, and the fulfilling of the Law. findthat as Love to Goduniteth us to Him; fo Love ta man mutt unite us to each other. And that all 1ò lrine and practices which are a ainftLove anduni- ty 4re againft Clod, aQainft Chril, againft the Spirit, akin, theChurch, andagalnft Mankind. 4. If others thew their weaknefs by unwarrantable fingularities or divifions, fhe not your greater weak- nefs , by impatience , and uncharitable cenfures or tsfage of them:efpecially whenfelf intereftprovokethyou. S. Diflinguifh between them that feparate from thé Ztniverfal Church, or fromall the Orthodox and Re- formed parts of it ; and thofe who only turn from the Míniftery offorce one perfora or fort ofperforas , without refsting Communion with the refl. 6. Difinguifh between them who" deny the Being or the Minifiry and Church from which they feparate and thofe who remove onlyfor their own Edification, ai from a worfe or we,k,er Miniftry,& a Church leftpure: 7. Diftinguifh between thofe vrho hold itinrply un- lawful tohave Communion withyou : and thole who only hold it unlawful to ;prefer your affemblies before fach as . they think to be morepure. 8. Remember Chrifts intereft in the :xeakeft or his Servants; and donothing againft them (which Chrift will not take well. q. Diflinguifh between wea&nefs of Gifts and of Graces e and remember that many who are weaker in the underftanding of Church-orders, may yet beftroa. ger ingrace than you. lG:t hink era the CommonCalamity of ',unkind: what