Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

what ¡Irange difparity there is in mens underftand= ings, and will be And how tie Church here is et Hofpital of difeafedfouls ; of whom none areperfectly healed in this life. z , Diflinguifhfill between thofe truths and duties; which are or are not of necelity : and between the tolerable and the intolerable errors. Andnever thinkof a Common Unity and Concord, but upon the termro f necefiary points ; and of the primitive fitn- plicity ; and the forbearance ofdiffenters in tole- rable differences. I z. Remember that the PaRoral Government aza a work of Light andLove : And what there cannot do, we can_not do. Qurgreat f udy thereforemuff be firfl to knowmore and to Love more than the people ; and then to convince them by cogent evidence of truth ; and to caufe the warmth ofour Love to be felt by them, in all the parts of our miniflration and converfe As the warmth of the Mothers milk is needful to the good nu-, trition of the- Child. The Hiftory of Martin. 13. whenyou fee many evils which Love and evi- dence will leave uncured ; yet do not ?Ti e& this way, . tillyou have found one that will better do the wcrk, anti with fewer inconveniences. 14, whenyou'reprcve thofe weak Chriftians, who arefubjea to errors, ,difrders and divifaons ; ret e5 not any dl,fgrace uponpiety itfelf : but bethe more care- fed toproclaim the honour of Godlinefs' and true Cony fcientious ftritlnefs, left -tie ungodly take occalion to d'efpife it, by hearing o f the faults offuck as .art ac, counted the zealoufeft profefforr of it. 15. Difcourage not thepeople from fo much of Reli_ giant exercifis, in their families, and with one ano- ther, at wmeet for them in rh-cir privatefl. tiens. 16. Be