Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

6. Be not wanttne, in' abilities , rxatchfulnefs and diligence, to,refill Sedt cers by the evidence of truth ; that'there may be no need of other weapons: And pench thefparks among thepeople, before they break out into flames. 17. Be not firange to the poor ones of your flocks ; but impartial to all ; and the fervants of all : Mind not high things, but condefcend to*en of' low (ftate. 18. Spend and befpent for your peoples good, Da all the food that you are able for their bodies,: as well as for theirfouls. And thinknothing that you have too dear to win them, that they *ay fee that you are truer fa- thers to them;and that their welfare ù your chie left care. 19. Keep up the reverence of the ancient and expe- riencedfort of Chriftians; and teach the younger what honour they owe to them that are their Elders in age and grace : For while; the Élder who are ufually fober andpeaceable, areduly reverenced' the heat of rash and giddy youth, gill be the better kept in order. 20, Neither neglrc your intereft in the Religious perfans of your charge , left you if your pw er todo them good ; Nor yet be fo tender of it as to depart fromfoyer principles or wayes to plcafe them : Make them not your Rulers ; norfollow them into any exerbi- tancies,to get their love,or to efcape any oftheir cenfures. 21. Let not the Paftors contend among themfelves r/pecially through envy against any whom the people molt eftrem. A reproof of ignorant, pievifh, backbiting, quarrelforne Minä, ers. a. Study our great patternof Love and tendernefs, rneeknefs andpatience : and all thofe texts which com- mend thefe virtues ; till they are digefted into a nature in yaw, that healingvirtue may gofrom you as waft- ing fire proceedeth from the incendiaries. The Texts recited. DIRECTIONS