Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

the seed ofStudy. 4. Advifewith the experienceof all the world whowas the man that ever you knew able to ex- pound one Chapter in the Bible, by the inward teaching ofthe Spirit 'alone without any labour of his own, or help froth others, by voice or wri- ting? Where dwelleth that man who by weer infpiration, can turn one Chapter out of Hebrew or Greek into thevulgar tongue ? The firfl part ofour preaching or publifhing the Scriptures is by Tranflating them into a language which is under- flood. When EZ,r4 in his Pulpit ofwood,did read the Law and give the fenfe, the meaning is,that he read it in the ancient Hebrew tongue in which it was written, and turned it into the language which the Jews then ufed (who were'grown much firangers to their ancient fpeech,) Where is the man that can folidly unfold any Do6trine of Di- vinity, which he never read or heard of, or can teach that truth, and defend- that Religion, which he was Bever taught by man ? He is a flra9rger in the world whofeeth not, that as in Law' and Phi- rick and'other profeffons, though íotne are igno- rant even when they are old, yet commonly all men wifefl and`ablefi in their on profeflion, and thofe kno'Yv moil, who having natural capaçi ties have had befl help , and longefl time, and hardefl fludies, the Spirit a{iitting them by his comwon help to mike it Knowledge, and by his fpe- cial grace to make it a fanthfying knowledge.There- -e remember to give due refpeó to them that hive been longer in Chrifi than you, and to them that have longerfiadyed the Scriptures, and to them that hive hadgreater helps and experience : And do not tco eafily ima line, that thole who are be:- ' low