Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

ofspiritual Pride, low them in all thefe advantages, are yet above them in found Though fuchs a wonder may fotetime come to pals. DIRECT, II. pbferve well the fecret and fubtil workings offpiritual pride, andhow deep- rooted and dangerous afin it is, andwhat fpecial temp- tations to this odiousfin, the younger and ennptrheaded Chri.tians have ; that the refzftance of theirs may heyour daily care. Ride is the felf-idolizing fin : the great rebel againíi God : the chief part of the Devils iknage that one fin which breaketh every com- mandment' : the Heart of the old man : the root and Parentand fummary of all other fin : the An- tichriflian vice, which is moll dire&ly contrary io the life of Chrifl : the principal objet of Godshatred and difdajn , and the mark of thoÇe whom hedelighteth to treaddown ; ana the cer- tain Prögnoftick of deje1ion and abatement, ei- ther by humbling repentance, or damnati- on. It is called [Spiritual Pride] from the Obje&, when men are proud offpiritu4l excellencies, real or fuppofed And this is fo much worfe than Prideof Beauty, apparel, riches, high places, or high birth, as the abufe of great and excellent things, is worfe than the . abufe of vanities and trifles : and as things fpiritual are in themfelve's mare