Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

jo Pride of our underflandzra, more contrary to the nature of pride, and there- fore the Çn bath the greater enormity. The common exercife of this Religious or fpi- ritual Pride is fira about our Knowledge, and sfe- condly about our Godlinefs or Goodne/s. I 'Pride ofo it under¡iandingsy worketh thus Fiat, a man that was formerly in darknefs , is much affeaed with the new-come light, and pe.rceivetb that he knoweth much more than he did before : And then he grovveth to a carnal and corrupt elimation of it, valuing it more as Nature is pleafed with it, than as it is fandtified it : Delighting in knowledge for it fell, more than for the purity, Í.ove and heavetalinefs which it fhould effe&. Then he looketh about him on the ignorant fort cf people, who know not what he knoweth , and Teeth how far they are below hire : And he thinketh with him - fell, what a difference bath Godmade between Meand Them : And becaufe Thankfïsineß is a du- ty, heobferveth not howPride doth twift it fell with it, and creep in under the proteftion of its name : And how Thankfu:nefs and Pride have the fama0 expretlions, and both of them fay, I shank thee O. ether that theca hit hid the ,re things from the rife and prudent, and hag revealed them to bales : I thank thee O God that I asn not as otker wen are, extortioners, unjuJ, adulterers, or evenas thíà Ì',a lica, LA; is. t I. And then he is fo tar. .ken up with the tihings.which he knoweth, that e perceiveth not what knowledge yet he wan eth. And the deep affeEeion which his knowledge worketh inhim, or the tickling pleapure which he ath in knowing, joyred with the ignorance of his