Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

How it rifeth andwerketh. ZI his ignorance in other things, doth make him over- confident of all his apprehenhons, as if e- very thing which he imagineth were an abfolute certainty :. And fo he wanteth that humble fuf- picion of his own underftanding, which a true acqpaintance with his ignorance would have cau- fed in him : And thus he groweth tó over-value all his own conceivings ; and to under-value all the opinions and reafonings of others, which are contrary to his own : And thence he proceeds to corrupt his Religionl with fuch mif-apprehenii- ons; and his ralh unfufpe6ted underílandrngen- tertains one errour firí}, and then that lets in many more ; till he have efpoufed a felf- chofen frame of doStrine, inífead of the facred truths of God,andmethod of the Gofpel : And from hence he proceedeth to choofe his ReFF;ious exerciles alfo,according to thefe mif-apprehenfions: Thefe make him Duties which are no Duties, and fins which are nofins : And thus he calleth evil, good, and good, evil.; and putteth darknefs for light, and lieht for darknefs; titter for fìneet, andfweet for bit ter. And having mace him a R:Iigion of h,s own, be confidently thinketh that it is of ad : And next he valu.eth all men that he bath to do with according. as they are nearer or farther off, from this r. hick he accounteth the way of God He choofeth his Church or party whom he will joyn with, by the teil of this Religion which hi.; pride bath-chafn : He zealoufly declaimeth againfi the oppcfers of his way , as a;ainfl the adverfaries cf truth and Godlinefs , and confequently ofGcd himfelf. He prayeth uphis opinions, and preach- eth them up i 4nd contendeth for tnesn ; and pray-