Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Ï a1 The workings ofPride of>aii,nd. prayeth and preacheth and difputeth down all that as againfr them. He labóureth to ftrengthen the party that is for them, and to weaken that which is againfl: them: And thus he divideth the kingdom and familyof ttt'rift;file defiroyeth irff,the Love of his brother and neighbour in himfelf, and then laboureth to deftroy it in all others, by fpeak- ing again(} thole that are not of his way , with contempt and obloquy to reprefent them as an smlovely fort ofmen And if the intereff of his aura and party do require it, perhaps he will next defrroy their perfons : And yet all this is done in zeal of Clod and as ark acceptable fer- ice to him : And they think all are Neuters and Lukewarm, whoprofecute not the Schifm as fer- vently as they, And fight not againft Love with as much vehemency Yea and in all this, they are Rill confident,that they Love the Brethren with aTpecial Love,' and make it the mark that they are Chriffs difciples , and that they are paired from death to life, becaufe they love the party and per= ions, who are of their own opinion and way. And thus PRIDE infenfib y, while they perceive itnot at all, doth choke their Opinions, their Re- lligions, their Parties, and make their Duties and their fins, and rule their judgments, at etions and their a&lions ; which is all but the fame thing, which the Scripture in one word calleth H E R E= S Y. And all that I have Paid, you may find Laid in other words in the third Chapter of Tone'. And there are two things which greatly pro= mote this (in : The one is a conceit that all their apprehenCloas are the Spirits ditiates, or the effect of