Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

......011W1 VimiallsgassalssallOWINISAIMMItatrasimaystassmaps: F4tbering errors ex the Spirit. 1 of its illumination. And the works and teach- ings of the fpirit, are not to be contradióted, or fufpeóed , but to be honoured. Therefore they think that it is a refilling of the fpirit, to refií their judgment : And they are perfwaded that their apprehenfions are caufed by the fpirit, part., ly becaufe they had no fuch thing whileí they lived in wickednefs, but it came in either with their change or fhortly after : And there- fore they think that the fame light which ihew- ed them their finful Rate, doth Thew them allo all thefe principles : And partly becaufe they find themfelves as deeply ffeaed with thefe .mifappre- heníions, as withother which are found and right; therefore they are confident that they come from the fame fpirít:And fpecially when thefe thoughts come in upon the reading of the Scripture, or in meditation , or after eatneíl prayer to. God, to teach them by his fpirit and lead them into the truth, and not to fuller them to err ; and when they find that they have good endsand meanings, and a delire to know the truth; all th s perfwa. deth them that it is the fpirit fromwhom their thoughts proceed; when yet it may be no fach thing. And another much greater and commoner caufe of this feif-conceiitednef is this : An mens underlandings are naturally imperfet : Our knowledge about Natasral things is fmall and dark, much more about things fupernatural : The wife[} mutt fay, We know be in part : And the variety of mens degrees of knowledge, joyned with the difference of their educations, and ad- vantages and fore-going thoughts, doth make as great