Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

The Caufe, and Cure. is the whole according tó the part,which we fee, and not allow a juR fufpenfion or fufpicion for atd the parts which are unfeen. That which I fee, afek- eth me as a thing feen : But that which 1 fee not, is nothing to me, and therefore affe&eth menot at all. That part which I know), 1 know that it fofir,i.rhat it is: It is in mymind & memory: But that patt which I know not, I knownot that it is, or knownot what it is : fo that feeing one part of things, and not 'teeing aîother, ( yea perhaps many others,) dothnot only caufe oureerror, m judging of them, but alfo maketh it very hard, to queflion or difl cult our judgments: For we mutt not be Scepticks and doubt cfall things :Nor muff we deny belief to fo much as is re`ealed to tas And therefore however at 'the prefent we appre- hend things, ,jufl fuck we are ufually confident that they are. And in this difficulty all error and the lamentable cónfequences of t do come in. But what thall -a man do in fo hard a al-eight Why this every humble man muff do. He muff tread fafely, and proceed warily, and try the fpi- rits, and try the dcórines ciferedhim through- ly, and this by all the means which God bath ap- poirated him forthat ufe. He mute not ,strive a- gainfl the light ; but he miff } take heed of taking' darknefs for light, or hearhenirg to the decei- ver, wferr he transformeth hin felá into an angel oflight : (which is not unufual ) what cometh with evidence of truth molt be received as truth, and held fafl , and not :gain let go ; , however fometimes it may have a fecond ar:d third tryaf. And when you fee any truth, remember that it íl:il] with a dtfeó ive áicht , and that you fee brit