Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

v 16 The Cure ofPride. but in part : And therefore allow a freedome in your underfiandings, to receive thereft. You. are certain that youfee not all that is to be feen, ofany Do&rineor Science, any more than of a- ny creature : And you are uncertain what influ- ence the unknown parts, would have upon that part which you know, or what alteration. it would make upon your apprehenfion, ifyou raw them altógether in their conne ,tion. Therefore be fare that in your moía confident apprehenfions, you never forget that there is í1i11 much more aenknozn to you '`than you yet know. And this will pre- ferve a humility and modefty in your underftand-, íngs and a capacity and fitnefs to receive more knowledge : When the forgetting of this will make you proud and arrogant and prefumptuous, andlike the fool that ragetb and re confident, event in your ignoranceand ftiame ; and will thut up your minds againft that knowledgwhich you want,' But efpecially ifyou know that your advantages for knowledge have been lefs than Other mens that you are young, or that it is but a few years fince youentred upon the fludy of the Scriptures, or that you have not any ftronger natural parts than other men ; or that you have not had that meafure of Learnirg which might further your knowledge ofthe holy Scriptures ; but that o- tihers that differ from you have had much more ofall thefe helps and means than you ; common reafon here commandeth you to be modèfl, and not over- confident inyour own opinion, nor too much to flight the judgements of fuchothers. Efpecial ly if chofe that differ from you, be not only more Learned, but as truly cenfcionable as you,