Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

ofeur own underffindings._ j you, andas like to be unfeigned lovers of truth, and have prayed more; and,meditated more, and have had more religious experiences than your felves : And yet more, if they are the greater ember of the godly that differ fromyou, and°you are singular in your conceits ; in this cafe ralh confidence in your own opinions, is too palpable a fignofa religious pride. Obj. But the Learnedfl men are not always the zrià felt, in the matters of Religions Anfw, Many men are Learned in the Languages and Sciences, who arenot Learned in thee,Scriptures ; becaufe they applyednot their fludies that way. And many men are Learned in the Scriptures, and the Sacred. tongues, whoyet live in fin, though they areable ito teach the truth for, others. But thofe that well underftand the Scriptures, without Learning the Languages which they are written in, and the Cu- .oms of thofe times and Countreys, or without much reading and long 1ud both of the Scrip- tures themfelves, and the writings of them that better underfland them, are fo few, fo very few, if anyat all,; that if you will pretend to be one of them, you had need offome miracle or fomething like a miracle,to make your fell/es or others be believe that you are not deceived. See what I have laid of this at large, in myUnreafongl'lenefs of infidelity. Obja The greater number are not always i>i the right; therefort, whyflould my ßnggularity difcourage me? Anfw. The greater ráumber through the worldare not in the right about Chriftiany , for they are not Chrillians. And the greater number- tfMaas Chxiftians be not in the right perhaps