Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

30 from common Chriflians,then God, ce. Self, -fifhnef, and Carnality. By the firf}, we ncg- left the Honouring of Gad, which fhould be our utmof} aim , and to which all our. onn Honour ílzould be purely referred , as a means By the econd, we Idolize our felves, and are funk into, andcentered in .curfelves, and feel( that honour toour [elves, which we' fhould wholly refer to God alone. And by the third," we over-value flan and hisefleem, and 1 v upon the thoughts and breath of mortals, and Peek the honour which is given by one to another more than the honour which is of God : Whereas we should make it our grand care and iludy, to be pieafing to our. Maker, which is the highei honour, and lawful and necefary to be fought ; and fhould be more indifferent as to the efleem and thoughts of man, as being no, further regardable, than it conduceth toour divine and ultimate end. And when Pride bath thus turned the eye of the foul, from God, to our felves, and to the Creature, it is a Nor inPfin , and will be alwayes reeking to fetch in fewel for its Pelf to feed on, and to find out wayes to make our [elves confpi- cuo11s and obferved in the world And to fepa- rate our felves into diflin& focieties, that the zxorld may fee we are Above Commtosion with the colder duller fort of Chrif}ians, is one of the molt notable means to this felf-exalting erd. And many Chriflians that are more humble do ',vet fo much mif-underfiand the Scripture prin- ciples of Communion, that they think they :fhould corrupt the Church, and fin againd God, if they flood not in'a feparatcdflare*, from thofe of the colder fort. And this ,is caul'ed much, by taking