Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Separation, haw cacsred, 3 I taking thofe Scriptutes to fpeak of all cold and carnal Chritlians, which fpeak only of the ,Hea- then and Infidel world. And this cometh to pats by the bappinefs of their birth and breeding becaufe they are born and bred where there are almoll none , but profeffed Chriflians, . and they fee not the fwarms of, Heathens that .worfhip idols andcreatures, or of the Infidels who (corn andperfecute the Chriflian name therefore they live as ifthere were no fuch perfons. They know that the , world and the Church comprehend all mankind; and that the Church is gathered out of. the World And becaufe they fee the Church, bet fee not the world, out of which it is gathered; therefore they are looking for the world in the Church , and think that the commoner fort of Chriilians are the World ; and the better and more zealous fort only are the. Church, which therefore malt be gathered out of the. ('Pori d. And fo they gather Church out of the Church, while they think that they gather it out of the World. And , all this is becaufe they know no more than they fee, or at leaf+ are affe6ted with no more ; but live as if England or Europe were all the world. One years abode in 4f4 or. A- frica might cure this errour. In 2 Cor. 6. 12,13, &c. the Apcílle forbid- deth the Chriflians to marry with Infidels ; be- caufe li ht bath no communion with darknef , nor righteoufiofs with unrighteoufnefs , nor Chrifl .with Belial, And therefore inferreth , that he that believeth hrth no part with an Infidel, nor the Tem- ple of God any ale agreement with idols. . And for this he citeth the words of the Prophet, Corne