Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

3 2 separation how coifed. out from among them, and be yefeparate and touch not theunclean thing. All thefe words which the Apoílle fo plainly fpeaketh only againft marrying with Infidelsand Idolaters, and having commu- nion with them, either intimately or in their fin, are by abundance of ignorant Profeffors abufed, as if they had commandedus to feparate from the colder and common fort of Chriflians, and to come out of the Church Whereof they are mem- bers. What profaning of Gods word is this and how grofs and palpable a contradi&ing of its plain expre(l{ions? It was a Church of fuch mix. ed Chriftians as ourChurches do confifl of , to which the Apofhe wrote thefe words ; And be- caufe he cornmandeth them to feparate from in- timacy with Heathens and Infidels (yet fo as when they are once married to them, to continue in it) ; therefore thefe men fay , that one part Of the Church is called to corne forth and fepa- ratefrom the refl. And with the like abufe they apply the corn: stand [ Come out of Babylon ] to them that have no communion with Babylon ; And when igno- rance, ancharitablenefs , andpafon , have taught them to call Chriils Churches Babylon, they add fin to fin , the fin Of feparation to the fin of Lan- der and reproach; and abufe the 'ext according' to their falfe expofition of it. DIRECT?