Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

The Church.Ififtble and tAtyftieal. EtIRECT. V. nderfand rightly the true difference he.. tween the Myjlical and the Vifi6le Chrircb, and the qualiftáation if their c. embers; and do not confound them , as if it were thefame perions only, that mull be MeM- bers.f both. H E Myftical Church indeed bath noire but true Saints. But the Vifible Choirch cones taineth multitudes of Hypocrites ; who profefs themfelves to be what they are not : They pro- fefs to believe in God, while they -neglect hire and to be ruled by God, while they difobey him,' and are ruled by their lufts : They profefs to- Love God and forfake the world, whileíl they love the world , and God is not in all', their thoughts : They profefs' to love the holy scrip- tures, whdeft they negle t them and love not the holinefs of their precepts. They profefs to be lievein Jefus Chrift, while+ their hearts negle& his grace and governmmenr. They profefs to be- lieve in the holy Spirit', and to.lold the Con,. munion ofSaints in the Catholick Church ; whi left they ref(} the Spirit, and love nót Saints. All this cheweth that theyare Hypocrites. But abun- dance of Hypocrites. are in the Vifble' Church. Nay, God would have no Hypocrites ca(i out, but thofi who bewray their hypocrilie by iinpe- 1itency in provedHerefie or grofs fin. We trluft not model the Church of Chrift ac= F cording