Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

34 Scandals and ttypoc rites have cording to our private fancies : We are not the Lords of it , nor are we fit or worthy to difpofe of it I Look into the Scripture, and take it for the Rule, and fee there ofwhat manner of per- Ion s the Viable Church bath ken conflituted in all agesof the world till now. In the firfk Church in eAdaaa s family, a Cain , was the firíl born member, and fo continued, till he was excom- municated for the murder of his brother. In a Church of eight perfons who were faved out of all the world, the Father and Pallor was overtaffi ken with grofs drunkennefs, and one of his ions was a curfed Cham. In a Church of fix perfons faved from the wickednefs ofSodom, twoof them Lot's fons in law) periíhed in the flames among theunbelievers : a third was turned into a pillar of fait : the Father and Pallor was drunk two nights together, after the fight of Inch a terrible miracle , and after fo flrange a deliverance to himfelf : and committed inceff twice in his drun- kennefs : The two that remained (his daughters) caufed his drunkennefs purpofely and committed inceft with him. In the Church in Abrahams fa- mily, there was an Jflhmael : And in the Church in ifaacs family there was an 418 : and even i ehe ,a and yaetb guilty of deceitful equivoca- tion : And Abraham and 'Rae denied their wives to fave themfelves in their unbelief. In 7aceb's family was a Simeon and Levi, who murdered multitudes under a pretenfe ofReligion, and un- der the cover of faire deceit : And almofl all his fons movedwith envy, fold their brother f ofej for a llave ; and fome were hardly kept from' murdering him Andhis daughter Dinah was de- filed