Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

cur been in the Pifikle Church. 3 $ filed by deiiring to fee the company and fafhions of the world. In theChurch of the 1fraelites in the Wildernefs, after all the miracles which they had f`en, and the mercies they had received , fo great were their fns of unbelief and murmur- ing, and luíf, and whoredomes, and idolatry, and difobedience, that but twoof them that came out of Egypt, were permitted to enter the prornifed land In the times of the Judges they fo oft re- hewed their idolatry, befides all their other fins that they fpent a great part of all thofe ages in captivity for it. And when the villanies of Gi beah had imitated the Sodomites, and ravifhed a woman todeath , the Tribe of the Benjamites de- fended it by a war, and that in three battels, till fourty thoufand of the innocent !Israelites were (lain,, and twenty five thoufandof the Benjamites. Look through all the Books of Sarratael, the Ding.., and Chronicles and the Prophets ; from the fad Doryof the fors of Eii and of San,eael, to all the wicked Kings that followed , whokept up odious idolatry ( even Solomon himfelf) and fcarce t4'e or three of the bet did put down the high places : And when Hez,ekiah was zealous to reform the hearts of the fuhjeas were not prepared, but derided or abufed the Meffengers whom he fent about, to call the people home to Cod Ma naffeh's wickednefs is fcarcely to be parallel'd And whenGod fent his Prophets to call them to` repentance, they mocked his Meffengers, and defpifed and abufed his Prophets till the wrath of the Lord arofe, and there was no re- medy : 2 Chron. 36. t5, 16. Read oiler the Prophets, and fee there what a peo le this Gh,ircY