Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

The Primitive Yif.z6le Churches, 37' Prophets to be its He?pert , and abundance of Mi- racles and extraordinary gifts, to gather and edi- f e it ; to filence its enemies, and to terrifie and reftrainoffenders, and to bring up the Church to the higheft degree of holinefs that could be well expeÓed. And withall, the Members were not driven in by force by Magiftrates, nor al- lured by any worldly commoditia , but were a ft» Volunteers, who in a time of perfecution , profeffedChriff, to their hazard or fuffering in the world. Yet fee what they were. The faultinefs of the Teachers. The Apoítles before the death of Chrifl ,' though they had fo long heard his doarine , and feen his miracles, underftood not that he mull die for our fins, and be buried , and rife again, and afcend into Heaven, and there intercede for us, and rule the Church, Job. . 116. and 10. 6. :Lull 18. 34. and 9.45, and 4 43, 44, 45. Pe- ter fo much perfwaded Chr AI from that Hfering, by which the world was to be redeemed , that Curia fpeaketh to him as he did to the Devil. A-1tth, 4. Get thee behind nee Satan ; for tho., fa- voureft not the things that be of God, but thole that be of wen. Mntth, z 6.22, 23. fames and his below Teddifciple John ( calledEons of thunder , per- haps for this or Inch like zeal) would have cal- led forfire from heaven to defiroy the unbelieving adverfaries of the Gofpel, and knew not of what fpirit they were. Jradaa was one that was fent out to preach the Gofpel by Chrift himfelf, ( who knew his heart.) Many that preached and pro- pheCed and call out Devils in his name , were workers of iniquity, whom he never knew with F 3 fpeci-