Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Hil 38 Thefaults of the cAtinißers fpecial approbation. Matth. 7. 22, 23. When he came to his fufferings, they all flept when they fhould have watched and prayed with him one hour in his agony ,, and this after his admonition. When they fhould have confefled him in fufer- ing they all forfookhir qndfled,Matth. 26.56. And Peter that feemed to flick clofer tohitn, did with forfvvearing thrice deny him , after he had . pro- mifed to die with him , and not to forfake him, though all forfook him : And when he was dead they faid, Dik. 24. We trolled thisgal he that fhould have delivered Ifrael , as if their faith had been extin&, And when he rote and appeared to them they hardly believed what they. law : and Thomas, one of them, refoived that he would not believe, unlefs he might put his fingers into his fide. And when they fpake with him before his A/cen. lion, they dream,! (Till of an earthly grandure, and askt him , Whether non, he rocald reftore the Cingdovne Pinto Ifrael ? AFt. T. And they under- mood not the defcent of the Holy Ghoít. And when the Holy ,Ghoft was come upon there, one of their firfl Deacons Nicholáu was the original of a Se& whofe do&rive Chrift did hate. Paral and Barnabas contended even to parting. Peter diffembled by a finful feparation , walking not uprightly, and drew away Barnabaó into the diflimulation : Gal. 2. 'Phil. T. 15, 16. [ Some preach Chrift even of envy, and flrife, and form of good mill. The one preach, Chrifl ofcontentions not ¡incerely, fuppofing to add affliction to my bonds.] Many were made like the heads of Sees, and Tome were of Parsl,and force ofApollo's, and force of Cepho4 (as the Papii s be now.) And f®me built