Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

el the Primttave Churches. 39 built hay and flubble, which mull be confurned. I Cor. 3. 121 Of Tins -thy and the reft Paul faith. [ I haveno mán like minded ; for all feel, their own, and not the things which are jefau Chrifts. 3 job. 9. io. Diotrephes /rho loveth tohave the preeminence among them receiveth tf4 not prating agcinjt with myalicioMwords : and not content therewith, neither doth he himfel f receive the Brethren, and forbiddeth them that world, and cafteth them out of the Church.] As the Apo{lles themfelves before Chrillsd eath, were flriving which of them should be the great-. eft ; fo this vice {lilt followed many of the Pa- (tors ; fo that Peter is fain to exhbrt them , not to Lord it over gods heritage , nor to rule them by conftraint, but willingly. I Pet. 5. And what a- bundance of Sea -matters did arife from among the Minillers of the Gofpel in the Apoftles own times ? Infomuch as Paid forewarneth the fa- mous Church of Ephefyu, not only that grievote Wolves ( that is , Hereticks) Jhculd enter, that spared not the flocks, but alto that, of their own (elves men fhould arife, fpeaking perverfe things to draw away difciples after them. AhI. 20. 3o. And in the ApoLlles dayes, while ose had a Prcphefe and another a Pfalm, tc. they brought confu(ion in- to the Church- worfhip , eve?) by abufe of extral . ordinary gifts : And they fo abufed the Love- feafts at theLords Supper, that Paul was fain to perfwade them rather to eat at home. i Cora 14. and I Cor. II. fo much of the true flare of the PrimitiveTeachers and Pallors of the Church. The faults of the Churchof Rome. What Heretical Judaizers were among them, s intimated in c t. the Romans. And how F 4 little