Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

4o Thefaults of the Churches little they underflood the doErineofJuftificati: on is intimated in cap. 3, c i., e. S, & 6, 6.7, 8. What dif!`entions there were about meats, and drinks, and days,the weak judging tfe flrong, and the í rong defpifing the weak, appeareth, cap. 14, & 15. And force caufed divi ions and offences' contrary to the 4otlrine which they had learned , fer- ving not the Lord lefus but their own bellies , and by goodwords and fair fpeeches deceiving the hearts of She fimple, Rom. 16. 16, 17. The faults of the Church of Corintk Cor. A. xi, i a. [ There are contentions among you * Everyone ofyoufaith, I am of Paul, and 1 of Apollo's, and I of tephas, and 1 of Chriff. L1ark theextent of the fin ((very one ofyou) that is, very many among you, it Cor.3.13. I could not (peak to you eafpiritual, but et,s carnal --- For ye are Jet carnal «--- v. z 2. Ifany build on this foundation, ;good, hay,flcabble, y. 1E7. he shall fur fcr lofs, chap, 4. t $. 2E Some arepuffed asp Shall I come to you with a rod or in love? a-- chap. 6. 5,6,7,8. Ifpeak. to your frame Is there not a wife man among you? ecaufeyee go to jaw one with another ( before FIea thens,) Nayy®u do wrong and defraud and that your brethren. Know ye not that the unrighteosts(hall ,ot inherit the Kingdom of God f chap. 1 1. 17, y 8, á9229, 21. Ipratfe you not thatyou come together, not for the better but for the worfe. For firft of all, when you come together in the Church. I hear that ghat there be divifioi s amongyou -a- For there 174 be k f a Ilerefìes amongyou , that they which are appro- ved may be made manifelt amongyou uhen you ire together i ito one place, this is not to eat the Lords up er P r rl e: tOg every aye taketh beforeother, h