Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

of Bone and Corinth. 4 his oxen flipper, and one is hungry , and another is drunken. Verf. 23. 3o, He that eateth and drink- eth unworthily , eateth and drinketh damnation to himfelf, not difcerning the Lords body --. For this exile ,many are weak and fck among you , and many fleep. Chap. 14. Reproveth their abufe of un- known tongues, and their diforder in Gods pub- like worship Chap. I 5. r 2, r 3, /4, 15. [ 1f Chrifl be preached that he rofe jr`rens the dead, how fay fore among you , that there is no refurreelion. But if there be no refurreelióa of the dead , then Chrift is not rifen ; ,And if Cbrift be not rifen, then if our preaching vain, and your faith it vain; ,ea and we arefound falfe mitneQ-es of Gód --. y. 17. andye are yet inyour fns. 2 Cor. T2. 20, 21. /fear left when I come, 1(hall not findeyou fech as Iwould, and that I ,tha11 be found toyoufuel, aa ye would not. Left there be debates, env`yings, wrath!, ffrifes , back-bitingr, whifperings, fwellings, tumult:; and left my God will humble me among you, and that 1 (hall bewail many that have finned already, and havenot repent- ed of the uncleannefr and fornication and lafcivif,uf ne/i which they have committed. ] Befides that ?aul and his Minifiry was slandered and much Bighted among them, as by his large atad vehe- ment apologies and expollulations doth appear; Thefe were the faults of the Church of the Co- rinthians. The corruptions of the Churches of Galatia. Gal. i. 6, 7, $,9. I marvel that youarefofoots re- moved , from him that called you, to the grace of Ckrill, to another gojpel ; which is not another ; but there areforce that troubleyou, and would pervert the gofpel of Chrifa` ; But though we or anA:agel frcns heaven,