Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

43 The faults of the Churches of heaven, preach any other Gofpel to you , than that which, we have preached to you, let him be.accurfed_. Sbap, 3. i, z, 3. O foolifh Galathians ! Who hatb bewitchedyou, thatyouAmid not obey the truth ? be- fore whole eyfs Are p fa fool ? Having begun in the fpirit , are ye now made perfea by thefifth ? HaveyefugfBredfomany things in vain chap 4.9. How) turn ye again to weak and beggarly elements, wheretoye defire again to be in bondage. verf.1o. II. re obferve days, and moneths, and times, and years; I am afraid ofyou, left I have beftowed on you labour in vain' . V. 16. AmI therefore become your enemy becaufe I tell you the truth ? Tell me ye that defire to be under the Lam -- v. z9. As then he that zia4 born after the flefh perfecuted him that was born after the fpirit , even fo it is nor) ( The Legaliíis perfecuting the Apollles) Chap. 5. z. Behold I Paul ray untoyou, that if ye be circumcifed Chrift fall profit you nothing. V. 3, 4. For 1 teiifie again to every main that is circumclfed, that he is a deb- tor to do the whole Law Chrift is become of no e f- fei;í toyou. who ever ofyou are ¡ufiifted by the Law, yeare fallen from grace t v.9, A little leaven leaven- eth the whole lump. 12. I would they were even cut of which trouble you. Chap. 6. 12. As many ae elefire to make a fairPhew in theflefb, they conftrain you to be circumcifed. Thecorruptions ofthe Church ofColoffe. CoL 2.20) 21,22, 23. Ifye be dead withChri/t from the rudiments of the world, why as though living it the world, are yefubjeít to ordinances? Touchnot, tall not , handle not (which all are to perifh with the eying) after the Commandetnents and DoElrines of men ? Which things have indeed a fheg of rtifdome in lllorfhip, The