Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Galatia, Colotle, andEphefus,&c. 43 The corruptions of the Church of Ephefots. Rev. 2. 4, 5. Neverthelefs I have fomewhat a- gainfi thee, becau-fe thou haft left thy firft love Re- member from whence thou art fallen, and do thy firft works, or elfe I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy Candleflick. A. 20.30. Of your own felves (hall men a .rife , fpeaking perverfe things, arc. as aforefaid. The corruptions of the Church of Pergamats. Rev. 2. 14)15)16. I havea few things againfi thee, becauf thou haft there them that hold the dot-trine of Balaam , who taught Balac to caft a ftrrmbling block before the children of Ifrael ; to eat thing; fao crifced to Idols ; an to commit fornication ; fo haft thou alfo them that hold the doc`irine of the Nicolai- tans, which thing I hateRepent, or, elfe lwill -- The faults of the Church of Tbyatira. Rev. 2. 20) 21, 2 2, I have a few things againfi thee , becaufe thouJ4ereft the woman Jezebel, which calleth herfelf a Prophetefr, to teach and to [educe myfervants to commit fornication , and to eat things facrificed to Idols. The faults of the Church of Sardis. Rev. 3. 1. Thou haft a name that thgu liveft and art dead 1 have not found thy worksperfea before God. 4 Thou half a fewnames even inSardis, which have not defiled their garments. The faults of the Churchof Laodicea. Rev. 3. 15, 16, 17. Thou art neither cold nor bot .-1willfpsee theeout of my mouth and knoweft not that thou art wretched and miferable and poor and blind andnaked. I haue been thus large in citing the words of the Text , to make it plain toyou, ofwhat kind of