Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

44 Thefaults of Vifib`e Churches, of Members the Vifible Churches were then made up : And to affe6 their hearts with the fenfeof their partiality, who can plead for ma- ny things as duties, and plead againhi many things as fin, without one plain word of Scripture on their fide ; and yet can read all there without ei- ther fenfe or notice. Yet mark, I pray you , that I am far from fay. ing that God alloweth any of there fins,or that any fhould make light of them : For all m,ii abhor them:Nor do I fay,that none ofthe Churches ought to have excommunicated any of thefe offenders for thefe fins. Some of them I doubt not, rho uld have been call out. But thefe are the ufes which I delve you to make of all there Texts. Firíi, before you judge any Church to be no Church, be able to prove it bath worfe crimes to nullifie it than any of thefe had. For none of thefe were for thefe faults pronounced no Churches of Yefue Ckrill. Secondly,obferve that no one Member,ís in all thefe Scriptures, or any other , commanded t4 come out and fcparate from any one of all there Churches, as if their communion in worship wereunlawful. And therefore before you fepa- rate from any as judging communion with them unlawful , be fuse that you bring-, reafons for it , than any of thefe recited were® DIRECT,