Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C 83 Declaring Clergy go one way, and notably Truft fome body And are we not excufable for trying further? Doth this common- belief deferve honour and preferment, aril our and belief of fuch things deferve filencing and ruine ? L. 1 marvail what they fay to this, who expound their Affent and Confent as to the life : If theyUfe this Rule we muß keep two Eaflers oft, one at a right time, and another at a wrong. M It's enough to juflifie thecnfelves, to call Refufers Schif- maticks, Rogues, and difobedient toGovernment, as the poor Proteftants are called in France C H A P. XVI. Point XIII. of 'Pronouncing all f ved that are `Buried, except the Z)nbaptized, Excommunicate and Sel fmurtherers. L. ](THat are the words hear thatyou diflik M. I told you before, [For as much a it bath plea- fed Almighty God totake to himfelf the Soul of our dear Brother, here deceafed.] and [We give thee thanksfor that it bath pleated thee to deliver this our Brother out of the miferies of this finful world] and [That we may refl in him a$ our hope is this our Brother doth] L. What harm is in theje words? mull not charity be ufed its our judgingof all mens final Elate. M. We like all the Office, and -there .words very well, if ufed over the Corpfeof capableperfons ; and iftrue Difcipline in the Church did make a jail Separation of the capable and uncapable. L. Then the fault is not in thee.Liturgy, but the Government. M. It only follows that the fault is Primarily in the God vernours corruption , and negleft of Difcipline ; but it's next alfo in the Liturgy ? For thematter of faEl and right is prefuppofed to the Declaration of it : And it followeth not that becaufe I may (peak well of good men, I may do foof bad. Chrift will condemn thofe that feed not , vifit not, harbour not his Servants, Mat. 25. All men ought to be his Servants and deferve this. Yet multitudes in Scotland fuller now, for feeding and harbouring rebellious fubjeets :. Suppofe M 2 they