Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( ) they fay now that the fault was not in us that fed them, but in them that were Rebells ; we were bound to feed ho- nett men,band they were bound to be honeft , and charity judgeth the belt. I think this will not fave fomc from the gallows. I think if the Bifhops were but to bury Souldiers killed in fighting againft the King, and 'at the Grave Mould pronounce them all good Subjefts, it would be ill taken ; much more is it to pronounce them faved. Charity is no excufe for dangerous errour and falfhood. It mull not follow a blind underftanding. I am lure that the Clergy in their Sermons and Writings, condemn abundance whom at theGrave they pronolince faved. L. But what danger is it IVjudge too charitably? M. It hathall thefe dangers. i. The guilt offpeaking falfe- ly to God. 2. The contradicting ofGod's Word, which faith, that no Whoremonger, Drunkard, Railer, Murtherer, fhall enter in- to the Kingdom of God, and that the impenitent thall pe- rifh. 3. The hardening of ungodly men againft all fear ofGod, when they hear that the fame men, that in the Pulpit threa- ten damnation to them , recant it all in their Application at the Grave, and pronounce them faved. How could they more dangeroufly deceive men , who take that in deeper ufually that is faidat the Grave, than in the Pulpit. L. But fame fay none of thofe wordsfignafle theperfons Salvation, kilt his removal hence. ../Iff. Read them ; Ifthofe do not, none do. Bnt fame fay, that by [4xcommunicate] is meant [Ex- communicable] orfilch as ought to be Excommunicate, andthenwhat more can you defire ? M. Their faying is a prefumptuous contracliCtion to that which they content to, what reafon have they for it : Is Excommunicate, and Excommunicable all one ? Or may they _put what fenfe they lift on Laws ? If they do but tell the Bifhops this much, they will make them know that they are not made Judges of who is Excommunicable : When I have craved but the alteration of that word, they anfwe- red