Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

red me with contempt, that fo every Prie or Curateïhould have the power of damning whom he pleafe. But fure Si- lencing our judgment of a man, is not damning him. But what place is there for any doubt, when the Bóok nameth the three forts' excepted , er exceptio farm& regulam in non exceptis. Yea the exprefs expofition in the Canon 68. is [ If he (hall refufe to Chriffen the one, or bury the other (that is, Any brought) except the party deceafed were Denounced Excommunicate, .Majori Excommunicatione, for fome grievous and notorious Crime , and no man able to teflifie of his repen- tance, he (hall be Sufpended by the Bifhop of the Diocefe from his minifiry by the fpace of three bbiíts months. Hereticks, many thoufand Infidels , Adulterers, Thieves, Perj+gyred, Scorners at godlinefs, &c. are among us unexcomrnunicated. If all in England be fa- ved , except the Unbaptized , Excommunicate , and Self murtherers ( which, de fingulis, one by oné muff be Paid of all the refs) either Scripture and Pulpits are much .miftaken, or elfe we that live amongmen are in a dream, and our fenfes are all deceived. C H A ! P.