Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

86 ) C H A P. XVII. Point XIV. Of Confivting to Read the Apocrypha. . L. WH4t harm is there in reading the Apocrypha ? M. I told you that we fcruple not reading moft of it in the place of Homilies or other Books efpecially the books called Wifedom and EcclefiáJlicas. But, 1. Many Bifhops and Doaours of the Church of Eng- land have accufed the books of Tobit of down right lies, and the books of Yudith, Bell and the Dragon, &c. as being nicer fiaions. 2. And when we read thefe, it is to be done in the fame order as we read the Scripture, by the name of Lefl'ons, which is the Title given to the Chapters read out of the Old and New Teftament. 3. And, if we could yet read all thefe, that will not ferve unlefs we declare our Af- fent Confent, and Approbation of the Appointment of them in the book, which we cannot do. L. But they are for the moll part to be readbut on week days, or holy days. M. The Conforming Clergy Confent and Covenant to the Impofition that requireth them to read the Common-Prayer every day in the week, unlefs they be hindred by ficknefs or fome urgent caufe. And fo it is 1H11 the publick Service. God's Service is all to be done with holy Reverence, and if the Book of Tobit and fome others be guilty of fo many grofs falfehoods, as Proteftants have and do Rill accufe them of, I fear both to ufe them as Lefl'ons in the place of God's Word, left it be prophanation, and alto to fubfcribe, or declare my Approbation of the Calender, and that ufe, left I be guiltyof the fin of all the Minifters in England that fo ufe it. And it's dangerous to feem to tell the people that fo many books are God's Word that are not fuch : For they unclerltandnot the Greek word Apocrypha, and every Re2der at leaft that is not Licenfed to Preach, is forbidden by the Canon to expound even that one word to them. CHAP.