Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[104] 4. All the. N_onconíormifts whom they call Schifmaticks, that Kneel not, &c. And in a Parifh of 30000 or 4.0000 in LoMdon, it's well . ifofall thefe forts there be not many Thoufands. And 2.. The. Ordinaries Courts are full of ether VVork : And in the Countrey they are oft far from molt Minifiers. . Minifiers have ufually much more Work than they can do at home, and Ids Money than they .need : And theProfecutión of all thefe, and bringingup Witneffes, will take up all their time, and leave .them none for their Studies or many other Offices at home : And it will undo them- in "their Elates. z.. It will make the . People fo much to hate. them, that their Preaching will do little good. S. And when they know all this, none of the Minifiers will practice it, as Experience tells us; and fo they will all live in the breach of the Covenant which they made; and when to get a living they have falfly profeffed Confent to all this Accu- fation and Profecution, Self-love will not Puffer them to do what they confented to. L. III. What are your Reafons again( it from the People. M. a. The Multitude that Crakes it unpraCticable. 2. The greatnefs of fome of them that will ruine the Minifiers. 3. But efpec kily becaufe it will crofs the juil end of our Miniftry, and make them uncapable of receiving any Profit by us : And our Pc Ayer is given us for their Edification, and not for their De- itru°lion : This will but harden them againft our DoEtrine. L. Donot you by this Condemn your felves that defre a firuler ifcipline, which would offend them more. M. No ; for i. We would not turn our Churches into Pri- fons, nor bring in any under our Difcipline, but contenting Vo- lunteers. 2. We would have no Lay -men, or forced Ordinaries to do .this, but Paftors of their own choice, whom they well know. 3. Wewould have nothing done againft any (inner Magifteri- ally and forcibly by the abufè of the Keys ; but only humbleMi- nifterial convincing them by Gods word of fin, and of Gods wrath, and praying for their repentance, and meek and patient warning them, and waiting till they prove obftinately impeni- tent: And then only an Exclufion of them declaratively from that Communion fromwhich they exclude themfelves, without any force on'their Goods or Perfons. L. IV. What are your reafonsfrom the Church f N. 1. We