Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[to5] M. r'. We ought not to confent to fo great a corruption of its Difcipline. 2. Nor to a courfe that will render it odious to men. 3. Anddeprive it fo much of the true work ofa faithful Mini- iffy. L. 5 What mean you by your reafons from the Matter? M. Theordinary proceeding according to the Canons muff call out a multitude of truly godly Chriflians ; and then they muff be further profecuted and ruined ; as we (hall feeanon under the'par- ticulars. And we cannot Covenant and Confent to be profecu- tors of fuch men , before fuch Judges, for fuch an end, and to fuch direful Effe ts. Chap. XXII. Point XIX. Of ubliAing the Lay-Chancel- lors Excommunications and Abfolutions according to the Canons. L. Hon, are you bound topublifh their Excommunications? M. I. By our Ordination-Covenant to obey the Or- dinary. 2. By the Oath ofCanonical Obedience. 3. By this affent and confent to the words laft mentioned, to accufe them, that the Ordinary may proceed againfl them according to the Canon. 4. By confiant cuflom : If we do it not, we- dial' be fufpended or call out. L. But the Oath of Canonical Obedience is but in licitis & ho- neflis. M. I told youbefore, it implyeth that all that is Canonical is licitum& honeyum And they will not allow Es to be Judges, but will fufpend usifwe refute their commands as unlawful and difhoneft. And the Canon it Pelf ipfofario Excommunicateth all that fay any of their GoverningOffices are contrary to the Word ofGod, or that the Canons bind not Difí'enters. And fo far is the Church from taking this for unlawful or difhoneft, as that it exprefly commandeth it in thefe words, Can. 65. All Ordinaries fhall in their feveral Jurifdifions carefully fee " and give order, that as well thofe who for obftinate refuting to frequent Divine Service Eftablifhed by publick Authority " within this Realm of England, as thofe allo ( ESPECIALLY OF THE BETTER SORT andCondition) who for noto- P rious