Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[ i 69] L. It feems thenyou take it forunlawful Conformity to talc the Pa- rifl Miniffers for our P No Sir; tho' any Patron chufe them, and obtrude them, to whomGod bath given no fuch right, yet if they be fit or tole- rable Men, the convenience of Place, Countenance, Mainte- nance, and Parifh Order, will teach Men, as I laid, finis gratid, in prudence to confent to them. But if fuch be unfit and into- lerable, I will havebetter, ifI can. And I take it for unlawful Conformity to take a1], or any that are intolerable for our Paftors, becaufe fuch Patrons chufe them ; who I fhould be loth fhould chufe my Servants, my Cook, or my Phyfician. And it's unlawful togive away to a Patron, the Churches right of Electi- on or Content, if we-can keep it. Chap. - XLV. Point I I. Whether 'Parents have not more right than our Patrons to chafe Paflors and C'urch Comma- nionfar their Children. II. HE next fault of_Lay.Conforrnity is, That they are deprivedof due Family- government, while a Stran- ger called Patron, and not the Parents, mull chufe who ¡hall be Pallor to their Children when they are at, Age; and to what Church their Family (hall go. L. Did not youfay before that the King may fettle Teachers in all the Parijbes, and force Men to hear them? why then may he notforce, you and your Children, and Servants to hear them, a Catechu- mens ? M. I told you that he ought to take care that no Parifh want a fit Teacher, whom the willing may hear. 2. And that the negligent and unwilling be forced to hear either them or fome other allowed, or jutlly tolerated Teacher. But I neverfaid that z. Becaufe theCatechumens may be forced to hear their Parifh Teacher, who are Free-men, therefore thofe that are Wives, Children and Servants may bcforced to go tooneChurch, when the Husband, Parent or Haller commands them to go with him to another. 2. Nor yet that thole Maflers -that are Communi- cants, and not Catechumens, may be forced from hearing their own Paflors, approved or tolerated. It's enough that they be forced to hear either. And Men ought- not to be deprived of the due Government of their Families.