Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[ 170] L. Is, not the Patron as fit to chufe a Teacher or Palor for your Wives, Children and Servants as you 'are ? M. No; i. A Mans Interef} in, and power over his Wife and Children is earlier and greater than a Patrons is. It is natural, and by a Law, which no Men have power to abrogate : Self-go- vernment and Family overnment are antecedent to Princes or States Government, and they have no right to diflblve it. 2. I Ihall gain or lofe moreby the welfare or mifery ofmy Fa- mily than the Patron will. 3. Nature bath given me a greater Love to Wife and Chit- dren, and bound me to a greater care for them, than it hath done a Patron. 4. I know them better, and thereforeaknowwhat they need, and what Teacher and Communion is fit for there, better than a Patron that never faw them or me. 5. Suppofing that I am allowed to chufe my own Pallor and Comn-Amnon, it will be inconfiflent with Family-government, that my Wife, Children and Servants be forced to go to another place, where I can have no account of them what they do, and how they behave themfelves. 6. If no Man may jualy chufe for my Children a Tutor, a Trade, a Phyfìcian, or Diet, or Loathing, rather than my felt, ( much lets a worfe when I chufe a better;) nor may impofe Husbands or Wives on them, much leis may any chufe for them againfl mywill and choice, an Office on which their salvation is fò fpecially concerned. I,. But ifyou may forceyour Wife andChildren to what leafor you chufefor them, it feems then a Man may be forced to one Fafltor, rather than another: And then rvhy may not the Magiftrate force you, as well asyou mayforceyour Family ? M You miflakeme ; I do not fay I may force my Family to any Pallor :. I fay, if they that are not Communicants but Cate- chumens, may be forced to one Teacher, it's meeter for me to force them, than for a Patron or any other. 2. But as to Communion I willitnot force them to it at all ; nor to this or that Pallor : But'becaufe different Places and Paflors for Communion, fignifieth different minds, and will be a great di- orating inconvenience to a Family, I will ufe all my reafon and loving interea in them to bring them all to one place for Com- munion : And its very. ftrange ifI prevail not ; haying better ad- vantage